Computer Use Policy


Computers & equipment

Brick Works Academy makes available many expensive technologies to the students for their exploration during their week. It is expected and required that the students treat the equipment with care. Damage caused by the student is the responsibility of the registering parent. Cost of repair or replacement may be automatically billed to the credit card used for registration. Parents are liable for damages to both equipment and the host facility. 


Most of our sites do NOT have internet access for students. This helps maintain control of the environment and limits outside interactions. All our Minecraft environments are contained to our local area network. Students will not be playing Minecraft with others on the internet.  At some of our college and academic locations (Hamilton, Kitchener, Toronto North), the host has provided us with internet access for the students in some older classes. In these cases the students are to use the access for the sole purpose of performing the tasks given by the instructors.  Engaging in online conversations in forums or seeking content outside of the camp defined content is considered inappropriate use of the internet resources and may result in the student loosing their internet privilege. Use of the Internet for educational projects will assist in preparing students for life and work in the 21st century. The use of the internet also brings with it the need for students to understand and practise the proper, safe and ethical use of the technology. For this reason, an ACCEPTABLE USE GUIDE has been developed for student use of the internet in camps. Students will be allowed internet access only under the conditions set out in the STUDENT ACCEPTABLE USE GUIDE.


 A. Student Internet and Computer Access

  • Students are provided with space on the local computer to save their work. They are not allowed to save or download onto the hard drive inappropriate content.
  • Students may have access to computers through their classroom depending on the scheduled projects. 

B. Personal Responsibility
Students are expected to use the internet and the computers in a responsible manner consistent with the educational purposes for which it is intended. Responsible, ethical use includes the following:

  • respect for the rights of others and the computer (computers are for the use of all students, therefore settings/preferences, etc. must not be changed or modified); 
  • adherence to codes of conduct, the Ontario Human Rights Code, Copyright Act, the Criminal Code of Canada and other laws. 

C. Netiquette (Internet Rules of Use)
Personal Safety

  • Never provide personal information to someone you have met online. 
  • Never agree to telephone or meet with someone you have met online. 
  • Never assume that a message you sent to someone else will be confidential. 

Inappropriate Activities
Inappropriate or unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Using obscene, threatening, harassing, or disrespectful language. 
  • Posting information that may cause damage or endanger persons or property. 
  • Posting false or defamatory information about a person or an organization. 
  • Reposting a private message without the permission of the sender. 
  • Using the host's internet access for commercial purposes and using e-mail for chatting purposes (unless authorized by a teacher). 

Statement of Liability
Brick Works Academy makes no warranties with respect to the provision of internet access and specifically assumes no responsibilities for:

  • any information that may be lost, damaged or unavailable due to technical or other difficulties or for any interruptions, delay or failure of the service; 
  • the accuracy or quality of the information obtained through the internet; 
  • any costs, liabilities or damages caused by or incurred due to student's use of the internet; 
  • the privacy of electronic communications sent through the internet; access by the student of inappropriate materials on the internet; 
  • unauthorized use of the host's internet access facility or the failure of the student or another student to comply with the policy; 
  • any personal or psychological injury suffered by the student as a direct or indirect result of the student's use of the host internet access.
  • any damage to home computers through the transmission of applications or data from camp machines to home machines, or use of Arduino devices or code.

Brick Works Academy Arduino Electronics options include instructions for running the coding environment at home on non-Brick Works Academy computers. Brick Works Academy does not warrant or take any liability for damages caused to machines or data that these applications are installed on.

Arduino hardware are micro controllers and sensitive electronics. These can be damaged by static electricity. Brick Works Academy does not warrant the continued functionality of the Arduino hardware beyond the initial lesson. Arduino based boards and accessory electronics can be damaged beyond repair by plugging them in incorrectly. Brick Works Academy is not responsible for any damages or injuries as a result of the use of the Arduino hardware, accessories, or software.

Minecraft Mods
Brick Works Academy uses Minecraft 1.7.10  This version is popular with Minecraft enthusiast as it allows for the widest variety of Mods (third party modifications). Using mods with Minecraft is not a seamless bug free process.  If your child or your family choose to install Mods at home wishing to recreate experiences at Brick Works Academy, Brick Works Academy is not liable for any data loss, financial loss, injuries or damage that may occur to the computer this software is being run on.