Camper Code of Behaviour

Brick Works Academy believes a safe supportive environment is necessary for learning. We teach respect, honesty, caring, and responsibility as our core values. Children who attend our programs are expected to follow these behaviour guidelines and to interact appropriately in a group setting.

1. We will CARE for ourselves and those around us.

  • I will keep my hands to myself

  • I will use nice words at all times

  • I will take care of all belongings sent from home and check the lost and found if I think I've lost something

  • I will reapply sunscreen frequently and will wear my hat when I am outside

2. We will RESPECT each other, our leaders, and the environment.

  • I will abide by the boundaries set by my leader

  • I will leave the environment the way I found it

  • I will listen to my friends and be kind

  • I will stay within my counselors' sight unless given permission

  • I will listen to my counselor

3. We are RESPONSIBLE for our actions.

  • If I make a mess, I will clean it up

  • I will only touch what belongs to me

  • If I break a rule, I understand that I need to accept the consequences

4. We will be HONEST with others

  • I will ask my counselor to explain any rules I do not understand

  • I will tell the truth to my leaders and friends

  • If I am upset, I will let someone know


When a child does not follow the behaviour guidelines, we take the following steps:

  • If a child's behaviour at any time threatens the immediate safety of themselves, other children, or staff, the parent is notified and instructed to pick up the child immediately with out refund.

  • Staff directs the child to more appropriate behaviour.

  • The child is reminded of the behaviour guidelines and rules, and a discussion will take place.

  • If the behaviour persists, a parent is notified of the problem.

  • The staff documents the situation. This written documentation includes: what the behaviour problem is, what provoked the problem, and the corrective action taken.

  • If the problem still persists, the student may be sent home for the day or remainder of the week with out refund.

  • If a problem persists and a child continues to disrupt the program, Brick Works Academy reserves the right to suspend the child from the program. Expulsion from the program will be considered with out refund.

The following behaviours are not acceptable and may result in the immediate suspension of a participant for the remainder of the current program day, week or possibly the entire summer.

  • Endangering the health and safety of children and/or staff, members, volunteers.

  • Stealing or damaging Brick Works Academy, facility or personal property. Parents will be billed for replacement cost.

  • Leaving the program without permission.

  • Continuing to disrupt the program.

  • Refusing to follow the behaviour guidelines or rules.

  • Using profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity frequently.

  • Acting in a lewd manner.

  • Defying instructions of instructors.

  • Threatening behaviour, bullying, verbal or physical abuse to other campers, staff or guests.

  • Borrowing of other’s possessions without their consent.

  • To be in possession of a weapon or implement that staff deem dangerous or potentially dangerous.

  • Any illegal activity.

Program Expulsion

In order to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all campers any intentional participant behaviour that puts Brick Works Academy, rented location, staff or others at physical or emotional risk may result in immediate dismissal from the program. Any expenses incurred as a result of program dismissal will be the responsibility of the participant/parent/guardian. No refund will be given to campers leaving camp prior to the end of the session due to disciplinary action.