Kitchener Summer Day Camps 2018

Conestoga College Doon Campus
Main Building, Entrance F
299 Doon Valley Dr., Kitchener, ON

July 3rd to August 17th, 2018

TIMES: Camps run from 9am to 4pm
Drop off between 8:30-9:00am (Movie Time)
Pickup between 4:00-5:00pm (Movie Time)
Extended hours option 8am to 5:30pm at an additional cost


Note: Cambridge Campus offers other camp themes including
LEGO Robotics, Pokemon, and our new LEGO City Camp.
Just south of the 401

Summer Camp themes available in Kitchener this summer are listed below. When ready, click the register button to go to our registration system to book your camps.

Remote Control Construction Engineer


Do you love remote controlled vehicles? How about building towers, bridges and monorails?  Join us as you build massive construction sites with your friends! Manage material delivery and storage with remote control robots vehicles. Test construction techniques to determine maximum load capabilities. You are an active part of the fun system.

This camp is for ages 6 to 9.  

Computer Animation / Youtube Star camp

Dream of working at Pixar? Join us in our digital studio where we will work on our own computer animated blockbuster films! Develop a story, write the script, and engage your audience. Storyboards and character design are the building blocks of your masterpiece. Direct your virtual actors, record your sound track, and add effects.  Now you’re ready for your red-carpet moment to accept your Oscar.  

Learn how to produce your own YouTube content!

Parents: This camp is a great way to introduce your kids to digital creative tools, exercise their imaginations, and bring story-telling to life. Basic computer knowledge is required before attending this camp.

This camp is for ages 8 to 13.

Video Game Designer


Do you live, breathe, and sleep gaming? Do you have the creativity and technical prowess to not just play the game but to design the game? Every pixel, every sound wave, every interaction at your control. Can you handle this much power? Join us for an introduction to game design where everyone will have the opportunity to learn the basics of game design, including image manipulation and basic interaction design as we work on video games in the classic platform gaming style.

Parents: This camp will introduce programming and digital multimedia skills that your child can continue to develop at home and apply in school, as a hobby, and in future careers.

This camp is for ages 9 to 13.



Love Minecraft? Then join us for a week in this great virtual sandbox where you can build anything! We’ll cover the basics and then move on to redstone Minecraft machine building and how to design new texture images so you can digitally paint the entire look of your worlds. We will also get to experiment with some Mods that add features and change the game.

Parents: While your child thinks they’re playing, we’re secretly using the game to teach technology, design, problem solving, and presentation skills (insert evil laugh here). If screen time is a concern of yours you will prefer the robotics or animation classes.

This camp is for ages 8 to 13. Note: Sorry students who are not yet 8 may not attend regardless of minecraft proficiency. Proof of age will be checked.

Super Mario and Friends Fan Camp


Calling all Nintendo Fans! Super Mario and his friends want you to come join them for a week of fun and adventure! We’ll spend the week building famous Nintendo items like Links Master Sword, Mario’s Question Block, and many more! Learn how Mario levels are designed, and practice plotting out your own. Then take your ideas and transform them into actual levels with Super Mario Maker! 

Parents: This camp will evolve screen/play time of several Nintendo video games. Used to spark collaboration and creativity within your child. 

This camp is for ages 6 to 10. 

Fashion Designer / 3d Retail Design


Fashion and retail design is a huge industry.  Get a glimpse into this world through a camp modelled after the Conestoga College level program. Design your own fashions. Model them in a fashion show. Design a retail store with 3d computer aided design software. We will explore a number of fun design projects to bring out your creativity and just have fun.

This camp is for ages 8 to 13.

Arduino Programming option Part 1 or Part 2

Students interested in learning to program electronics can add this option to their week of camp. Spend up to an hour each day on this introduction or intermediate to Arduino module and get to take home your very own micro controller to continue to tinker on projects at home.

Available to students age 9 to 13 enrolled in any full week Brick Works Academy Camp at this location.

Combines hardware and software platforms for a hands-on learning environment.   Children will work on different projects each week while learning to design and create their own programs! Students take the Arduino home with them at the end of the week.


2 Minute drive away.

Find the following fun camps
Conestoga College Cambridge Campus

850 Fountain St S., Cambridge, ON

July 3rd to August 17th, 2018





Calling all young lego robot designers! This is the best way to get started. Together, we’ll learn how to build cool robots and other machines. We’ll show you how to use gears, belts, motors, and computers to bring your robot to life by learning some programing. Student will engage in a mix of building activities including the lego robotic system WeDo 1.0 and 2.0, Lego Creator sets, crafts, board games and video games.

Parents: Designed specifically as an intro for younger kids, this camp covers all the basics of mechanics. They’ll be budding engineers by week’s end!

850 Fountain St S., Cambridge, ON

This camp is for ages6 to 8.  

LEGO City Building camp

img2256x1408_Downloads_60052_Cargo Train.jpg

Love LEGO Trains and the LEGO City theme? Be an architect, train engineer, urban planner or vehicle designer, with our new LEGO City Building camp you can unleash your creativity on our massive collection of LEGO and trains.  What is in your City?

This camp is for ages 6 to 9.  Note: Sorry students who are not yet 6 may not attend regardless of lego proficiency. Proof of age will be checked.

850 Fountain St S., Cambridge, ON



Pokémon camp will be a creative camp where students learn to draw Pokémon characters and will develop their own Pokémon cards with their own character art and stories. Our students will also develop digital painting skills with our computers and art tablets. 
Our students will play a number of Pokémon inspired actives while developing their creative skills. Activities will be focus on accessible games and tools for younger fans of Pokemon

This camp is for ages6 to 9.  

850 Fountain St S., Cambridge, ON



Got crazy-awesome lego skills? Or just getting started with lego robots? Either way, this camp is for you. We’ll break into groups to design and build our robots – and then focus on programming them to use a bunch of cool sensors… color sensors, ultra-sonic sensors, gyro sensors, and touch sensors – we love sensors! And your robot will use them all to navigate the super-challenging walled maze. Then, at the end of the week, you’ll use your new mad programming skills and design your own robot to compete in the epic sumo battle!  Will your robot have what it takes to beat the competition?

Parents: A great break from typical sports camps, challenge your kids’ to play with their imagination and see what they can create – while secretly learning programming skills!

This camp is for ages 9 to 13. Note: Sorry students who are not yet 9 may not attend regardless of lego proficiency.

850 Fountain St S., Cambridge, ON

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” 

― Albert Einstein