Special Needs Students

Children with Special Needs can excel at camp when in the right setting and with the right support.

Brick Works Academy wants all our students to be successful and recognizes that one size doesn't fit all.  To address the needs of as many students as possible we have initiated two new programmes.


Kidsability - Firefly

For students who have special needs and may require a smaller class room environment of approximately 6 students with more adult 1:1 support we have teamed up with Firefly Therapy Services, offered at KidsAbility’s Waterloo site, Jr. Robitics and Minecraft classes will be offered this fall. These classes will be offered and administered by Firefly’s team at 500 Hallmark Drive, in Waterloo.  Brick Works Academy will be supporting their team of specialized staff in areas of curriculum and learning objectives for each camp. Please contact Amanda Griffin at Firefly to apply for a spot in the Firefly Brick Works Academy sessions.



Personal Care Workers

In addition to the above exciting programme with Firefly, we are also working with parents of high-functioning students who may need additional assistance to attend our regular programmes. In these cases parents will be permitted to make arrangements to supply their own personal care worker for their child through an approved agency to join their child during the day.  Modified hours may also be arranged where a parent is supplying a care worker.  Care workers must supply a vulnerable persons police check. Care worker must take full responsibliity for the care of and supervision of the partipant. 

NOTE: Please be aware that Minecraft is used in a social context with 30 students sharing a common virtual environment. If your child is unable to handle the constraints of working in a virtual collaborative environment sharing the building process and being accepting when things do not go as planned they may not be the right fit for the minecraft class and will be disappointed with the results.  An interest in Minecraft does not guarantee a good fit.  

Lego Robotics are used in groups of 2 children. Students will need to share the resources.


Student Expectations to participate

  • Children need to be able to perform at the age level of the camp they are applying to attend.
  • Children need to be respectful to their teachers, equipment and other students.
  • Violence, course language, or failure to work with others under the class rules will result in expulsion from the programme with out refund.


Guelph residents can apply for funding to supply a support worker to assist your child. Visit CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin Kids in Camp programme at http://www.cmhawwd.ca/skic


Extend A Family Waterloo Region Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region is committed to working side by side with families and the community to promote inclusion and serve people with developmental and/or physical disabilities.


All locations are wheel chair accessible.

Children prone to violence or destructive behaviour unfortunately are not eligible for camp even with these accommodations.  Thank you for your understanding.  Parents will be held responsible for any equipment or location damage. Students found to be violent or destructive will be asked to leave with out refund.

All students must be able to perform to the age level of the class they are registered and stay with the group.